Why does EAR Gospel Outreach promote news articles?  

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You might want to ask, “why are you promoting news articles on a Gospel website?” That’s a fair question. The sources we are using are conservative in nature, as opposed to the liberal mainstream media (MSM). We want truth-based news as opposed to propaganda-driven information. The MSM promote only what they want, ignore what they want, and demean who they want. There are some things you will never hear on the MSM that you should hear. Much of what you do hear is biased and is filtered with their worldview and agenda in mind. It is mass brainwashing.

For years the MSM has had a monopoly on broadcasting and gaining the public trust. Thank God, that there are alternative sources available, and these are gaining momentum while the MSM is losing its grip. These other news sources play a critical role, and did so, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. The MSM labels anything that they don’t agree with as misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theories, or fake news. This is simply not true as some of the information they denigrate is well documented, and comes from some very credible people. They want to control what we listen to and what we put our trust in. We must not allow them to steal our souls, and rob us of our ability to think for ourselves and weigh information for ourselves.

Remember, a lot of what the MSM is broadcasting amounts to indoctrination and conditioning of the masses, and that is very dangerous for the people being targeted. In many cases, they are submitted to the spirit of Satan, and at war with the Lord Jesus Christ and His truth. Of course, the MSM will deny that they are delivering anything other than non-partial truth, but more and more in recent years, people have begun to see through their lies. Souls are at stake friends in this end-time information war, and we at EAR Gospel Outreach want to fight on the right side of the line—the side of truth.

The news sources we use which in some cases may not be necessarily Christian, many times are at least sympathetic to Christianity, and have a healthier worldview than the liberal left.

The articles/videos are not censored by us, and there may be an occasional curse word in the article or broadcast. If so, we would like to apologise upfront for that, as we certainly don’t approve of inappropriate language. We hope you understand.

We hope you have a great day.